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14 Dic 2016


La sintesi del nostro intervento all’ONU del 13 dicembre 2016, un concentrato di energia, valore e belle emozioni.

How would the world be if every child, every person, every professional, every company, every government, could have access to concrete information and solid tools to build their own happiness?

Let’s do a little test together.Close your eyes and imagine! How would your life be if everyone around you were happy?I can see your smile, I can fancy your thoughts.

That’s what 2BHappy Agency wants.


And that’s what we want to do!

When Veruscka Gennari and I started to think about a new project for our professional life,  2 and a half years ago, we were not happy. We both were in the midst of two very hard moments of our lives: the challenge of the motherhood for Veruscka and a very painful marital breakdown for me.

Supporting each other allowed us both to overcome the difficulties of our personal situations and to find the motivation to encourage others in doing the same.

We learned something that we wanted to share with others, so everyone could build their own path to happiness.

We decided to run the 2BHappy project with the aim to spread the science of happiness in business and educational fields.

We started knocking on the doors of the companies we had already worked with and we took our bitter dose of “happiness? no, thanks” and other jokes.  But we didn’t give up.

And among the many that told us NO, we luckily met someone who told us YES, as Mr. Francesco Blasi that you will hear in a while, who opened the doors of his company to experiment the HAPPINESS ADVANTAGES in the business field.

So one after the other, a positive ripple effect began and in just 18 months we met a lot of people who decided to contribute to this project, like Giulia, and spread it, allowing us to be here today to tell you our story.

She is my 3 years old daughter and her name is Stella, “star”. I want to tell you why I’m here and why I’m doing this work. I love her above everything else. I would give my life for her. As I’m sure everyone of you would do the same for your children or for your beloved family.

Despite my happiness’ expertise, there are moments in which I’m worried about the future and I think “I HOPE nothing bad will happen to her, I HOPE nobody will hurt her, I HOPE she won’t be involved in a terrorist attack, I HOPE she won’t…”.

And I suddenly realize that the word that most occurs is HOPE! Well, I strongly believe that each of us, of course including myself, CAN do something better than only hoping.

We can learn to be happy, kind, compassionate so to behave and influence the environment around us.

And we must do it.

I know that if a child grows up in love and not in war, he will have less desire to blow himself up at an airport.  If parents,  workers, teachers are happy they will teach children to be happy.
And thanks to their example those children will have less desire to bully or hurt or umiliate the others but they will give back what they received: LOVE!

This is why we are here to share with you our life project!

Thank you!























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